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Which File Bars Do I Need for my Steelcase Lateral Cabinet

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Not sure which file hanging rails you need for your Steelcase lateral cabinet?

This article is to help you to decide if the cabinet you need hanging file rails or file bars for is a Steelcase LATERAL Cabinet and if you need the Old Style or New Style File bars.  You may also see our helpful video below.

It is brought to you by Office Replacement Parts Company and FileRail.com

Let's start with diagnostics

1. is your cabinet Metal?

2. Is your cabinet wide and either 30', 36", or 42" wide?

3. Does your cabinet say Steelcase on it?

4. If the cabinet has no name, does the code on the lock start with FR or XF ? FR and XF are the most common codes for Steelcase cabinets.

5. Are you looking to file left to right aka side to side?

If you said yes to these questions, then let's move on to Old VS New Style for lateral file bars portion. If you're not sure who manufactured your cabinet, please contact us.

Things to look at.

1. You want to file left to right when the drawer is open.

2. Look at the hooks of the old and new bar. The OLD bar has 1 single hook in the center. The New Style Bar has two little nubs one on top of the other.

3. You must then take a look at the slits on the left and right wall of your drawer. If the slit is just one slit in a vertical plane, then it's old style If it's two little holes in a vertical plane, then it's new style.

4. Another way to tell if you need new style cabinets is if the inside of the drawer is black regardless of the outside of the cabinet color.

You can order your Steelcase replacement file rails by visiting http://www.filerail.com/categories/Steelcase/

Choose the style you need (Old or New Style), and size selection is based on the OUTSIDE width of your cabinet. So you will choose either 30", 36" or 42". The actual bars will be shorter than those dimensions.

We hope you found this tutorial useful, For more info on file bars and file rails please visit us at www.filerail.com . Have a great day!

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