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Which File Hanging Rails Do I Need for My File Cabinet

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Choosing Which File Folder Hanging Rails You Need for Metal, Wooden or Lateral, Vertical File Cabinets

FileRail.com would like to offer you some pointers on how to determine which file bars or hanging file rails you need for your metal or wooden lateral or vertical file cabinet.  Please read on or watch our helpful video below.

Do you have a file cabinet and need to hang your file, but there are no file rods to hold them up?  Maybe your rails were lost, or you cabinet wasn't built for hanging files, but you would like it to.  Or, maybe you have some of the file rail hardware, but are missing the rest of it.  

Let's troubleshoot your file hanging bar questions:

  • Is the cabinet made of metal or wood?
  • Is your cabinet lateral of vertical?
  • Do you wish to file your folders front to back, or side to side, (laterally)?
  • Do you have the exact bar you need, and just need more of them?  If so, please send us a pic of the end of the bar and email it to info@officereplacementparts.com.
  • Does your cabinet have a brand name on it?  This can be helpful in determining which file bars you need.
  • If you're not sure of the brand name, sometimes the code of the face of the lock on the cabinet can help identify the manufacturer.
  • Does your drawer have the necessary hardware to support the rails?  Some examples include slots on the metal or wood to slide a hanging bar into.  Or built in rails in a metal drawer, or guides on a wooden drawer to hold a rail and clip.  You may need small brackets or clips to hold the file rails.

As you answer these questions for yourself, it may be easier to go to FileRail.com or provide our customer service team with the necessary clues to guide you.  

Feel free to email us at info@officereplacementparts.com, or call us at 347-561-7587.  Service reps are available during normal business hours.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any of your file rail or other furniture parts needs. 

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