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Which File Folder Hang Rail Do I Need For My File Cabinet?

Replacement File Cabinet Rails


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Filing Replacement Rails for Your File Cabinet

Did you lose the bars in your file cabinet that hang your folders during a move? Maybe you bought a used cabinet that didn't include the rails? Perhaps you work in an office and want to get replacement rails for that dang file cabinet that's just sitting there, useless, because it doesn't have rails to hang the files. Whatever the case may be, we can help!

Lateral File Cabinet Rails

We carry bars for filing your folders left to right (side to side) for major and minor manufacturers of file cabinets. We even have universal bars

Front to Back Filing Bars

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Which File Bars Do I Need for my Steelcase Lateral Cabinet

Not sure which file hanging rails you need for your Steelcase lateral cabinet?This article is to help you to decide if the cabinet you need hanging file rails or file bars for is a Steelcase LATERAL Cabinet and if you need the Old Style or New Style File bars.  You may also see our helpful [...]

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Which File Rails Do I Need for My Allsteel Cabinet Drawers?

What File Bar Rails do You Need for Your Allsteel Cabinet?Not sure what file rails you need for your Allsteel cabinet? Not certain if the cabinet you need file bars for is even made by Allsteel? Our helpful Allsteel replacement file bar tutorial will help you figure out which hanging file rails you [...]

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Which Hon File Bar Rails You Need for Your Hon Cabinet Drawers

Guide to Hon Bar Rails for Your Hon Cabinet Please see video below, or read through our guide.  If you're not sure what file rails you need for your Hon cabinet or if you're not even certain the cabinet you need file bars for is even made by Hon, our helpful Hon replacement file bar tutorial [...]

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Which File Hanging Rails Do I Need for My File Cabinet

Choosing Which File Folder Hanging Rails You Need for Metal, Wooden or Lateral, Vertical File Cabinets FileRail.com would like to offer you some pointers on how to determine which file bars or hanging file rails you need for your metal or wooden lateral or vertical file cabinet.  Please read on or watch our helpful video [...]

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