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Which Hon File Bar Rails You Need for Your Hon Cabinet Drawers

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Guide to Hon Bar Rails for Your Hon Cabinet

Please see video below, or read through our guide.  If you're not sure what file rails you need for your Hon cabinet or if you're not even certain the cabinet you need file bars for is even made by Hon, our helpful Hon replacement file bar tutorial will help you figure out which hanging file rails you will need for your lateral Hon drawers. Whether you have a 30", 36", or 42" cabinet from Hon, we will help you get the correct bars for side to side filing for your file folders.

If at any time, you are ready to purchase your Hon file bars, please click the link below:

Click for Hon File Bars

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Which Bars do You Need for Your Hon Cabinet Drawer

This article is to help you to determine if the cabinet you need hanging file rails or file bars for is a Hon LATERAL cabinet and if you need the Old Style or New Style Hon File bars. It is brought to you by Office Replacement Parts CO and http://FileRail.com

Let's make sure you need Hon side to side hanging file rails:

1. is your cabinet made of Metal?
2. Is your cabinet wide and either 30", 36", or 42" wide?
3. Does your cabinet say the name "Hon" on it?
4. If the cabinet doesn't have a name, the lock code can help identify whether you have a Hon file cabinet or not.

  • Many lock codes on Hon cabinets start with the numbers 101 - 225 or 301 - 450 followed by a dash, then a letter such as E,N,H,R,S, or T. Some lock codes will actually say HON on them. Easykeys.com is a good resource for looking up lock codes on file cabinets.

5. Are you looking to file left to right (side to side, or lateral)?

If you answered yes to these questions, then let's move on to Old VS New Style for Hon lateral file bars portion of our tutorial. If you're not sure who manufactured your cabinet, please Contact Us.

Do You Need Old or New Version Hon File Rails?

1. You want to file your folders left to right.
2. Look at the hooks of the old and new bar. The OLD bar has 1 single hook towards the top of the rail. The New Style Bar has a bend that spans the lower half of the bar. There is also a notch at each end of the bar.
3. You must then take a look at the slits on the left and right wall of your drawer. If the slit is just one slit in a vertical plane, then you need old style Hon bars. If the slit looks like a lower case letter b or d, then you need new style Hon bars.

You can order by visiting FileRail.com. Just choose the style you need and the size option is based on the OUTSIDE width of your cabinet. Choose either 30", 36" or 42". The actual bars will be shorter than those dimensions.

We hope you found this article useful, For more info on file bars and file rails please visit us at FileRail.com. Have a great day!

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